quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Psicoses II

After the ambulance left, there were six of us staring at the sunrise. We had all lost our sleep, it was Sunday. Nobody really had anything to do, as I learned form reading their minds. So I suggested we went to the beach nearby. We needn’t take bath suits, I dropped on them. Without even blinking, they entered my old, elegant, slowly moving carroça and we all headed south, with me leading the horses.

What did I have in mind? I had long given up on having things on my mind. Since I begun reading other people’s thoughts, I just know thinking is not safe. It felt like other people could also read my mind and how ugly is that? I’ll tell you you’re really trapped when you can no longer even think.  It’s much worse than going to prison, than having all your possessions taken away from you.

Anyway, we got to the beach and it was a bit cold. So I suggested we started a game in which we had to run. Shortly after, everybody was swimming. I like it very much underwater. Since the water doesn’t allow me to read other people’s mind, I get to think for myself for a while. And take the opportunity to think about everything I had been avoiding. Like if I’ve lost some weight lately or what I will do to fight all the ants that have been eating my wires at home.

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